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National Framework


The award-winning National Framework of Excellence in Lung Cancer Screening and Continuum of Care was created and launched in February 2012 in response to two groundbreaking events for our community: the successful completion of the NLST trial showing that screening using low dose CT screening save lives and the subsequent USPFTF B rating which made lung cancer screening the newest preventive service under the ACA requiring full coverage for those at high risk (with no copays or deductibles).

The Framework goals include:

  1. Educating the public about their lung cancer risk and to ensure equitable access to the service;

  2. Providing guidance to lung cancer screening programs about how to set up and implement responsible, high quality screening programs (meeting these criteria);

  3. Encouraging collaborative research for improving early detection in lung cancer and to identify other high risk populations.

Since then, we have built a network of over 350 Screening Centers of Excellence across the country committed to responsible, high quality screening practices. We continue to support their work and those of other fledgling programs by providing technical assistance, networking and free educational materials for at risk individuals and those who may be diagnosed.

In addition, we have launched award-winning awareness campaigns to educate Americans about risk and screening, as we continue working to ensure fair and equitable access to this life-saving benefit for the millions at risk.

Looking to the future, we are continuing to find ways to accelerate improvements in early detection by exploring research collaborations, not only to improve imaging tests but to develop new tests that will benefit all populations affected by lung cancer.

While some specific elements of the National Framework have evolved over the past three years, the goals remain the same. We remain committed to working together with our many partners in advancing responsible screening, improving care and accelerating research discoveries.

Review the National Framework for Excellence in Lung Cancer Screening and Continuum of Care.