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Other Upcoming Events

Read below for a listing of lung cancer events taking place throughout the country. From bike-a-thons to zumba-thons, golf to tennis tournaments, on-line auctions to benefit concerts, we have seen them all! If you don't see an event in your area and are interested in hosting one, contact us today at or call Lanni at 202-742-1421.


  • ABOUT: In October 2015, Donald Bouquio was diagnosed with stage IV small cell. Don is an avid runner and tri-athlete, having planned his first charity run in July 2015, just three months before his diagnosis. Through a virtual run, Just Breathe, Don’s family hopes to continue his legacy by encouraging friends and family to run together to raise awareness for lung cancer. While the race is being presented virtually, there will be "Hot Spots" where runners can come together and enjoy the benefits of running as part of a group, Binghamton, NY, Pittsburgh, PA and Santa Rosa, CA. All proceeds benefit Lung Cancer Alliance. If more than 200 people sign up for this, his niece, Nicole, will shave her head! Sign up today! 
  • WHERE: ANYWHERE with “Hot Spots” in Pittsburgh, PA; Santa Rosa, CA; Binghamton, NY
  • WHEN: You can run anytime, but organized runs will take place on April 9th, 2016
  • REGISTER: Click here to register by April 9th, 2016 
  • QUESTIONS: Any further questions can be directed to