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Lung Cancer Educational Materials

We are dedicated to providing those facing lung cancer with the most up-to-day and reader-friendly information.

If you are living with lung cancer or know someone who is and would like a personalized educational package free of charge, call our toll-free HelpLine at 1-800-298-2436 or email

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Targeted Therapy for Lung Cancer – a guide to targeted therapy for lung cancer
Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer – a guide to immunotherapy for lung cancer
Understanding Lung Cancer Clinical Trials – a guide that explains how clinical trials work and where to find the best ones

Understanding Your Diagnosis – a great guide for the newly diagnosed with just the basics on lung cancer
Understanding Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer– more in-depth information about NSCLC 
Understanding Small Cell Lung Cancer – more in-depth information about SCLC 
Understanding Lung Cancer Biopsies – a guide to help those facing a biopsy understand options and the process
Understanding Your Lung Cancer Pathology Report – a guide that helps explain your lung cancer pathology report
LungMATCH – navigating the world of treatment options can be confusing; we can help
Molecular Testing – what is it and why is it so important; this brochure tells you what you need to know

Loss of Muscle and Weight from Lung Cancer – a guide to muscle and weight loss from lung cancer
Lung Cancer Stigma: How to Cope – a brochure to help patients begin to understand and cope with stigma
Lung Cancer Support Services – a listing of our services described on a portable card
Phone Buddy Program –  support program for lung cancer survivors
GUIDES Program – support program for caregivers whose loved one is at end of life or has died

What You Should Know about Risk and Screening 
learn about risk and the importance of screening
Understanding Lung Nodules – a guide to understand the process while a nodule is being watched
Why Quit Now? – a resource for those at high risk for lung cancer