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Medical and research resources

If you want to learn even more about cancer and its aspects or dig deeper into medical literature and publications, these links are a great place to start. Here you will find more in-depth resources and learn how to access abstracts (and perhaps free access to full articles) on a wide range of subjects from many different medical and scientific journals. You can also search to find libraries in your area if you would prefer to do your research offline. 

Medical and cancer dictionaries, encyclopedias and websites 

NCI dictionaries (cancer terms, genetic terms, drug dictionary) (National Cancer Institute)

Federal medication terminologies (National Cancer Institute)

Glossary of cancer research terms (American Association of Cancer Research)

Medical encyclopedia (Medline Plus - U.S. National Library of Medicine)

Medspeak Terms (Medical Library Association)

FDA: For consumers website (US Food and Drug Administration)

Understanding cancer series (National Cancer Institute)

Cancer trends progress report website (National Cancer Institute)


Research: Bibliographic databases and medical libraries 

National Library of Medicine website

Cancer control and population sciences: Public data use sets (National Cancer Institute)

Medline®/Pub Med®Resources Guide (US National Library of Medicine) and Cancer literature in PubMed (National Cancer Institute)

National Networks of Libraries of Medicine website

Find a library by state (Medline Plus)