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Conference proceedings and research results 

Most national cancer research and medical membership organizations hold annual conferences for researchers, medical professionals and sometimes patients and advocates. It is generally at these conferences when the latest research findings are presented or announced. Conference proceedings are not always available but you can find out the latest from the National Cancer Institute and other sources. 

Each year, Lung Cancer Alliance produces the New Directions newsletter with the latest research results on lung cancer. To see the  2012 editon of New Directions, click here

Find conference proceedings and research results

Lung cancer trial results (National Cancer Institute)

Cancer Advances: News for the patient from the 2012 ASCO annual meeting -see pgs 10, 11 for lung cancer (ASCO)

Results from the 2011 World Lung Cancer Conference -- held every 2 years (Medscape Today)

Presentations from the 2012 American Thoracic Society annual conference (ATS)

Proceedings of the 2012 American Society for Radiation Oncology Annual Meeting (ASTRO)