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Lung cancer treatment 

Treatment options are determined by the kind and stage of lung cancer, along with other factors including the patient's overall health and medical history.

When lung cancer is found at an early stage, surgery may be an option, particularly if the type of lung cancer is non-small cell. If surgery is not possible, new types of radiation like stereotactic body radiosurgery may considered. When any type of lung cancer has spread, chemotherapy with or without radiation is generally recommended although for non-small cell lung cancer, newer targeted treatments may also be an option. 

In this section, you can learn about the tests and procedures used to identify treatment options and investigate the possible treatment options by type of lung cancer. You might also be interested in exploring the sections on how age may be a factor in treatment recommendations and how cancer that has spread may be treated. Other topics of interest include why clinical trial participation is important, understanding the role palliative care plays throughout the treatment process, integrative (complementary) approaches and tips on staying healthy during treatment.