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Give A Scan®

Lung cancer research starts with your scans. Through our Give A Scan® program, you can help researchers save lives.

Give A Scan® is the first of its kind people powered CT donation program for lung cancer research. It is a public archive that contains CT scan images as well as additional data (smoking history, treatment history, family history, etc) on people with lung cancer and those who have been screened.

Researchers around the world can access the images and data free of charge via the Give A Scan® website to help them answer questions surrounding risk factors, precancerous conditions, diagnosis and treatments.

Here's how it works. You send copies of your CT scans or those of a loved one directly to us. With those copies, you will also send a consent form and forms that provide more health information related to the lung cancer. Once we receive these, they are made available on the Give A Scan® website. Your identity is protected throughout the entire process.

Learn more about how to donate CT scans today!

With deep appreciation, we dedicate the Give A Scan® program to those advocates - the pioneers - who donated their data for the pilot study that enabled this program to be developed.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Kitware in the development of this project and the support of Siemens Healthcare.