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Faces of Lung Cancer

Add a Face to end the stigma!

We’re proud to share with you these Faces of Lung Cancer. Each person represented here is a mother, father, brother, sister, neighbor and friend, whose lives have been forever changed by lung cancer.  We welcome you to share your photos as we represent the true faces of this disease. We hope to shed any stigma associated with this disease.

We welcome your pictures as we present to the world the true faces of the disease. We hope to dispel many of the misperceptions and the long held stigmas associated with lung cancer.

Kathleen Sandra  Stegbauer Martha Hernandez Mary  Durden Thomas Baltz Dave Cooper Barney Lim Mei Elizabeth Pam Tanner Joseph La Valle Carol O'Neill Robert Gawryck Mike Story Barbara Barker Raney Fleck Judith Seaton-Sweezer Margaret Glancy Danny Judy Ehrke Charlotte Matthews Jacqueline Dorothy Tewis Fleck Gary Plog eleanor Jim Russell Jim janssen Fannie Brown Pat Harris Carol Doran Tracey Cochran Jackie Bodmer Dorothy Ebel Valerie McAloon JOHN LUTZ Jeff Taylor Jan Gibson Kathi Bell  Aldridge Sue Skilling Linda Hawkins Luz Ortiz Yvonne Baker Denise Molzon Barbara Powers Elizabeth  Melde Jo Anne Sampson-Lazzareschi Nabob Judy Distefano Julie Flynn Patrick Leer Ron Mostaccio John D. Morrison II Joyce Barman Melinda Turnage Cathy Avila Ray Quintero Charles Perkins ron  pasquale Kelly Elmore Wayne Wright