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Clinical Trials



A clinical trial is a research study to determin whether a new drug, combination of drugs, procedure or medical device is safe and effective. Sometimes clinical trials explore different ways of using treatments to make them more effective, easier to use and/or to decrease side effects. Clinical trials may also be done to learn how to best use a treatment in a specific group of people. 

There are hundreds of lung cancer clinical trials going on today. By particpating you may find a treatment that works for you while playing an important role in moving research forward for other patients. When you enroll in a clinical trial, you receive high quality cancer care and may be among the first to benefit from a new treatment that later proves to be effective. 

Clinical trials follow a protocol, which means that all of the steps of the study are clear and are followed in the same way. There are requirements that each participant must meet, called eligibility criteria. Having criteria makes sure that nothing interferes with getting reliable information from the study.