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10th Annual
Shine a Light on Lung Cancer


This year marks the 10th Annual Shine a Light on Lung Cancer event! With Shine a Light, healthcare facilities celebrate and remember survivors, caregivers and all individuals who have been impacted by the disease. Events feature talks on treatment innovations from leading lung cancer experts and personal stories from survivors and caregivers, as well as time to connect with other attendees.

Shine a Light events, more than 200 separate programs held around the country, support a broader message of lung cancer awareness. Through press coverage, and the stories of speakers and attendees, Shine a Light on Lung Cancer bridges communities and heightens awareness.

For individuals who are looking to host a fundraising or awareness event during Lung Cancer Awareness Month, please click here for more information.

Shine a Light on Lung Cancer events are hosted by healthcare professionals at local healthcare facilities as a way to connect with current and past patients and caregivers, and highlight your lung cancer programs and research within the community. Thanks to our generous sponsors, these events are completely free-of-charge for both you and your community. We provide you with all the materials you need to make your Shine a Light event a success. Click here for a list of materials you will receive.

Already hosting an event this November? No problem! We can send you awareness materials and online resources to enhance your event.


Shine a Light on Lung Cancer are educational events that take place at your local healthcare facility during November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s what you can expect at a Shine a Light on Lung Cancer event:

  • Learn from leading experts at your local healthcare facility about the latest trends and advancements in the field of lung cancer.
  • Hear from inspiring lung cancer survivors and caregivers who offer their personal perspective and advice.
  • Connect with your local community of lung cancer patients, survivors and caregivers to share experiences and memories.
  • Find information and resources no matter what stage you are in of the lung cancer journey.
  • Ask healthcare professionals questions about treatment, coping with side effects, support groups and more!

Don’t forget to purchase your lung cancer awareness swag for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Click here to view all awareness merchandise!

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Whether you are able to attend a Shine a Light event or not, recognize someone in your life through a gift to the lung cancer community or host a fundraiser!

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