Transforming Cancer Care

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The landscape of cancer care is changing at a rapid pace with more research and treatment options than ever before. As exciting as these advancements are, the community standing by each cancer patient is equally important. Medical professionals, families, friends, advocates and organizations offering support services all play a crucial role in a survivor’s cancer journey. Our President and CEO, Laurie Fenton Ambrose, shared her perspective with The Washington Post on why community and partnerships are key to better cancer care. [...]

Top Six Tips When Seeking Financial Assistance on Your Lung Cancer Journey

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If you or a loved one have lung cancer, you know that it is not only taxing emotionally but also financially. And it’s not just the high prices of medication that take a toll on your wallet, it’s the gas needed to fill your car for the multiple hour drive each week to the hospital or the time spent off work for appointments and treatment. The #1 request on our HelpLine is for financial help. Although there is not much [...]

Social Work: A Closer Look

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Miranda Goff, LICSW, Support Services Manager March is National Social Work Month! Here at Lung Cancer Alliance, we have two dedicated social workers on our Support Services team who put the needs of those touched by lung cancer first, day after day. We sat down with our Support Services Manager, Miranda Goff, LICSW, to take a deeper dive into the field. Tell us a bit about yourself. I received both my undergraduate degree and Master’s degree in Social Work [...]

The Hardest Times Require the Strongest Support

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By Erik Hale When I was just 30 years old I was diagnosed with stage 3A adenocarcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer. After diagnosis I spent six weeks going through radiation and chemotherapy treatment to reduce the tumor size before going in for a lobectomy procedure where half of my left lung and 20 lymph nodes were removed. The recovery process was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure and I remember those long days in the hospital with my wife Aloy [...]