The Hardest Times Require the Strongest Support

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By Erik Hale When I was just 30 years old I was diagnosed with stage 3A adenocarcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer. After diagnosis I spent six weeks going through radiation and chemotherapy treatment to reduce the tumor size before going in for a lobectomy procedure where half of my left lung and 20 lymph nodes were removed. The recovery process was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure and I remember those long days in the hospital with my wife Aloy [...]

Story of Hope: Rick Thompson

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We were living in Chelmsford, MA at the time of my diagnosis, so we went to Saints Memorial Medical Center in Lowell. It didn't take too long before I was admitted. This was an experience for me, since the last time I was a patient in a hospital was more than 40 years earlier. On that first day, I learned that I had contracted pneumonia and my left lung had collapsed. Two days later I was in surgery to get [...]

Story of Hope: Randy Urmstom

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I have practiced law in Seattle as of Counsel to Hendricks & Lewis since 1990 and previously worked in legal and engineering positions in the energy, environmental and waste management sectors. I connected with Lung Cancer Alliance (“LCA”) through its predecessor Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy Support and Education (“ALCASE”) in 1997 when I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Through ALCASE, I learned more about lung cancer, gained support from others and participated in medical conferences. Peggy McCarthy, [...]

Story of Hope: Kathleen Houlihan

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Originally from Texas, I spent twenty years teaching linguistics at the University of Minnesota before moving to New Mexico in 1991 with my husband Jonathan Holt Truex. I had quit smoking shortly before the move. In July of 1998, I developed a pain under my left shoulder blade. My doctor and I agreed it was a pulled muscle from pruning overhead tree branches. When the pain didn’t go away, I resisted advice to get an X-ray. Why should I get [...]

Story of Hope: Gail Matthews

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In October 2000, we were in Aspen, Colorado visiting friends. From there, we flew to the Cooper Clinic in Dallas for an EBT heart scan. I did not want the test as it was uncovered by our health insurance however my husband signed me up anyway. The radiologist read our scans. Our arteries were clear! However, they saw a spot on my right lung. The radiologist suggested I return home immediately and see a doctor. He thought it could be [...]

Story of Hope: Ed Levitt

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“I have stage IV lung cancer. It will only win if I let it. I believe attitude and involvement in the cause are everything in staying alive, and staying ahead of this lousy disease.” Prior to being diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, my wife and I were making plans for our retirement. It was very important to us because my work kept me on the road 27 days a month for 20 plus years. I lived to work; some [...]

Story of Hope: Cecilia Izzo

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I am Chair of Lung Cancer Alliance's newly formed Washington State Chapter. An eight year (and counting) lung cancer survivor, I am primarily responsible for LCA's activities in Western Washington, including forging relationships with hospitals and medical professionals, fundraising, and public outreach. I am a regular visitor to both the state capitol in Olympia and that "other" Washington, meeting with local and national leaders to advocate for lung cancer awareness and garner support for the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act. [...]

Story of Hope: Tom Murphy

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Tom Murphy is a lung cancer survivor outside of Baltimore, Maryland. He was diagnosed with stage 1a lung cancer in 2010. This past November, he ran/walked the Philadelphia Half-Marathon with his nurse, Lisa Smith from St. Agnes Hospital. Why did you think you were at risk? First, I had been a long time smoker before finally quitting in 2000. Second, my dad had died of lung cancer. Third, we live in a high radon area and while the house had [...]

A Second Chance

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By Gary Stumpf Gary hooks success. As with many, I accidentally found my lung cancer. Last fall, a persistent cough brought me to the doctor (thanks to my wife’s insistence). A CT scan, followed by a lung biopsy, confirmed I had stage 4 adenocarcinoma. Further testing found a 5 mm “suspicious” area in the front left quadrant of my brain. By the time they approved and scheduled treatment, a gamma knife procedure, only 45 days later, the tumor [...]

I Decided I Was Going to Live Life

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By Robert Grizzard I was diagnosed on June 7, 2013 at age 62 with stage IV Adenocarcinoma. I had been preparing for my retirement when cancer reared its ugly head. I wasn’t ready to give up on life. On my first visit with my oncologist, he said that the best thing I could do for myself is maintain a positive attitude. I decided that I was going to live life. Cancer has in some ways been a blessing to me. I [...]