The New Frontier: Immunotherapy Combinations

2018-04-20T14:14:59+00:00April 19th, 2018|Hot Topics, News|

At the annual American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) conference, scientists presented new research on what they called “The New Frontier in Lung Cancer” – immunotherapy combinations. The Big Question: Do Combinations Work? If we take the new immunotherapy drugs (like Keytruda, Opdivo, or Tecentriq) that have shown positive results for some people with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and combine them with another treatment, does the combination work even better? For example, can you add one of those [...]

FDA Approves First Combination of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer Patients

2018-03-23T17:15:28+00:00September 28th, 2017|Hot Topics|

Today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy for patients with lung cancer. Patients with metastatic, nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer can now take Keytruda (pembrolizumab) immunotherapy along with chemotherapy (pemetrexed and carboplatin) as a first line of treatment for their lung cancer. This approval was based on data from the KEYNOTE-21 trial showing that patients treated with the combination therapy had a 55% response rate, compared to 29% with chemotherapy alone. With [...]

A Second Chance

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By Gary Stumpf Gary hooks success. As with many, I accidentally found my lung cancer. Last fall, a persistent cough brought me to the doctor (thanks to my wife’s insistence). A CT scan, followed by a lung biopsy, confirmed I had stage 4 adenocarcinoma. Further testing found a 5 mm “suspicious” area in the front left quadrant of my brain. By the time they approved and scheduled treatment, a gamma knife procedure, only 45 days later, the tumor [...]

ASCO 2017: What You Need to Know

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By Jennifer King, PhD, Director of Science and Research Lung Cancer Alliance staff, Emily Eyres, Andrew Ciupek, Jennifer King and Lanni Boyd, at ASCO. The Lung Cancer Alliance team just returned from the biggest scientific meeting of the year for those who treat patients with cancer, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Overall, new lung cancer treatment options are evolving and increasing, offering patients more personalized care. An important theme in the meeting was that molecular testing [...]

One Magic Pill and 24 Months Later

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By Michael McCarty, lung cancer survivor and advocate Michael in a meeting on the Hill, September 2014 It was a hot day in early August, 2012 and I was out running and ran into some friends on the road and decided to join them. I knew for the last several months that my running pace was off and my workouts were less than to be desired but I kept thinking I was simply lacking motivation after running a [...]