We are directly involved in lung cancer research across the continuum of care but with a special focus on early detection/intervention and lung cancer survivorship. If you are interested in partnering with Lung Cancer Alliance on a research study, please contact our Director of Science and Research, Jennifer King. Some of the projects we are currently partnering on include:


Studying optimal smoking cessation during lung cancer screening.


Comparing surgery or stereotactic radiotherapy in early lung cancer.


Master protocol to help patients find the best treatments.

Empathic Communication

Understanding physician communication to decrease stigma.

Maine LungCAPs Initiative

Improving prevention and screening statewide in Maine.


Supporting development of a blood test for early cancer detection.

Stigma: 2008-2018

Studying public perception of lung cancer over the past decade.

Needs of Long Term Survivors

Understanding the unique needs of patients more than five years after diagnosis.


The world’s first patient-powered open access database for lung cancer research.